This Artist Funding Workshop will show you what you need to learn to access funds available to artists, promoters, DJ’s, producers and more. There is between £1,000 to £15,000 of funding accessible to individual artists as well as up to £50,000 for music companies based in the UK. If you are looking for money for touring, recording new music, international travel, artistic development, making new music, studio time and more – then you need to access this workshop. I will give you an insight into what is available to you, where to go to get it and how. It is a hands on workshop so come prepared to work and learn! Tickets are available through Eventbrite here

About The Author

A creative, versatile international VJ (Video DJ) and turntablist. She mixes and blends a variety of music and now specialises in videos. Miss C has managed and fundraised for events that have showcased local and international artists and DJ’s. She has curated showcases and events in Atlanta as part of A3C Festival and organised an artistic cultural exchange between several artists from the UK and Canada.

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