It was an honour to be part of A3C for the second year running – we really represented for the UK. The venue was a little strange in that it was a restaurant, but we had a great turnout! Lots of great feedback too. I feel like it was a truly emotional journey – from January/February when the planning started, to it becoming reality in October. The fact we had the Nova Scotia artistic exchange made it extra special too – it was amazing to meet so many positive people, that just had a good vibe about them. There is something really genuine about the people there, a warmness that even I as a regular traveller, do not come across very often. The love we received was amazing – I would love to go back there and do more work. Who would have ever thought music would have taken me to Nova Scotia?? That’s why I am in love with this! Amazing to have support from PRS, Arts Council and British Council. Have a look at a sneak preview of our time at Hopscotch Festival in Nova Scotia.. On to the next big thing – SXSW will see you soon! 😉

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A creative, versatile international VJ (Video DJ) and turntablist. She mixes and blends a variety of music and now specialises in videos. Miss C has managed and fundraised for events that have showcased local and international artists and DJ’s. She has curated showcases and events in Atlanta as part of A3C Festival and organised an artistic cultural exchange between several artists from the UK and Canada.

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